Phenix products are sold exclusively through our network of distributors. As a manufacturer, Phenix does not sell directly to the public. Phenix dealers can be found nationwide through our DEALER LOCATOR and filtered by Dealer, Stocking Dealer, Distributor or Online Retailer.

If you are a registered dealer with Phenix, please contact us and we will set you up to be able to place orders online. You must be authorized before ordering can take place.

If you are not a Phenix dealer, you cannot place orders through our store as we do not sell to the public. There are also a number of online retailers which distribute our products.

We want our products to be accessible and our company to be user friendly. Phenix is one of the only plumbing distributors that does not require large buy-ins to become a seller of our product. However, because Phenix does not sell to the public, we do require that you hold a valid business license and resellers permit (where applicable) and have a physical retail or shop location accessible to the public. Interested in becoming a dealer? Please contact us or fill out an online application and start plumbing with Phenix today!

Every racing season Phenix selects a number of drivers in different venues of racing to sponsor with parts. As a sponsored driver, you are acting as a brand ambassador for Phenix products. As such, we ask that you promote our brand through methods such as banners, decals, online, at events, races, trade shows, magazine articles, etc. In return, we want to promote you and your team through our website, social media, and advertising campaigns.

Absolutely! Just contact us and we will be happy to mail them to you.

All products are sold with a one year limited warranty against defects in materials or wokrmanship. These parts are designed to be used off road by professional crews in the field of racing. This warranty will not exceed the original purchase price of the goods. Any defective parts should be returned to dealer where purchased. This warranty does not apply to any products subject to damage in transit, accident, misuse or abuse following the date of original purchase. Phenix Industries will not be liable for loss, damage, or injury from the use of these products. Racing by the nature of the business is a dangerous pursuit and the user is responsible for determining the suitability of the product and assumes all responsibility for its use.