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Meet Our Team: Bryce

We’re continuing our series introducing you to our team and their passion for cars and motorsports. Meet Bryce aka “thepink68” located in our Riverside shop.

I first purchased my 1968 Mustang with the help of my parents at the age of 15. My father and I started to work on it slowly with hopes of getting the car on the road while I was in high school. The previous owner had been in a wreck due to the front right brake line being pinched, the driver door took the brunt of the damage which we replaced with a new door shell. After beginning on the disc brake conversion life sort of got ahead of me with work and school so the car sat in the garage.

Fast forward about 12 years, after moving all over California and finally moving back to Riverside the mustang started to peak my interest again. While my parents were celebrating their anniversary in Spain for a few weeks, with the help of my best friend Cory we uncovered the mustang from years of cluttered items and tried to clean up the garage so we could get it running again. Only working on Sundays, the first just to clean up the garage, Cory and I replaced the fuel pump, filter and a few gaskets on the carburetor. After that we filled the car up with fluids, used a gas can for fuel, and the car was alive again.

Once the car was running, I finally drove it for the first time – without a driver side door. It is hard to explain the feeling of driving it because it just didn’t feel real at the time. Drove the car to a few car shows over the next few months before the inline six finally gave up on me. At that point it was enough motivation to take a shot at the V8 swap, which I had planned on since purchasing the car. I knew I had no interest in a carbureted setup, so I dug my way through numerous forum threads and websites to figure out what would suit my needs. After all the research my choice was made on the 1986-1993 Ford 5.0 High Output EFI 302, then I just had to find a donor car to supply me the drive train. Fall of 2016 I found a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII with 80k miles on it.

The day finally came to pull the inline 6, which was then sold the following morning. Slowly cleaned up and painted both the car and the donor drive train over the next year. Installed the new 22 gal tank and then had to sort of the fuel lines. My friend Cory actually introduced me to Phenix Industries products which I then purchased and used to plumb the vehicle’s fuel system. The start of the next year I was lucky enough to begin working for Phenix. Overall, the car was torn apart and the put back together within a years time just working on weekends.

Current Build Details

  • 5.0L High Output 302 V8
  • SVE 3 Row Radiator
  • Hooker Long Tube Headers
  • March Performance Ram Air Kit
  • AOD Transmission with TransGo Shift Kit
  • 9” Rear End 3.70 gears
  • 22 Gal Tanks Inc Fuel Tank
  • Vortech Supercharger Fuel Rails
  • Plumbed w/ Phenix Fittings and Hose
  • SSBC Disc Brakes
  • Intellitronix Digital Gauges
  • Classic Auto Air A/C

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