It’s what makes Phenix different. A family owned business made up of motorsport enthusiasts. From the CEO to the guy packing your order, we’re an American company with a passion for all things motor. We’re not publicly held or owned by investment bankers. We’re a group of gear heads, and our specialty is performance plumbing.

There hadn’t been many developments in AN plumbing since it was first introduced. Until Phenix entered the market in 2010 with an award-winning, locking AN design. Since our flagship product launched, we’ve not only introduced a full line of plumbing but also a wide variety of finishes previously unavailable and innovative new designs, including Teflox®.

Some of the things that set Phenix apart include manufacturing adapters out of aircraft quality aluminum, smooth contoured hose ends for increased efficiency in fluid transfer, the use of PTFE to create a locking sealing surface, and many other features. Being a company that not only manufactures plumbing, but uses them on our own vehicles, we understand the unique requirements and challenges that go along with fluid transfer. Our focus is Safety. Quality. Performance.

Safety is always priority in a high performance vehicle. You can’t afford to have a line come loose and risk malfunction or even fire. With this in mind, we created a locking fitting that can be safety wired for extra security. By manufacturing out of 6061 and 2024 aircraft-grade aluminum, we’ve created a stronger more capable adapter. We’ve also designed adapters with a PTFE seal to keep fittings from inadvertently loosening during extreme use.

Quality We have heard countless times from our customers how easy our products are to use and assemble, especially compared to competitors products which they previously used. Because we manufacture fittings to AN specification, rather than cutting corners to save cost on machining and materials, our products assemble and function the way they’re supposed to. Our superior compression hose ends are lightweight, one-piece billet tube with full swivel construction.

Performance is key to many of our customers. Whether off-road or drifting, they’re pushing their vehicles to the limits. With that in mind, we develop plumbing products that are made to be pushed to their limit. For instance, a standard black braided-nylon hose typically only withstands an average 200-300 PSI, but with a Phenix stainless reinforced inner core it averages over 600 PSI. Another customer favorite is the smooth contoured interior of our adapters which are designed for improved fluid flow.

We have a guiding philosophy unlike many others in the industry: We wouldn’t sell something we wouldn’t use on our own cars. To us, things like safety weigh as heavily as performance. Why? Because we’ve been strapping on helmets for over 50 years, and because our customers are also our friends at the track.