Driver Spotlight: Drift Geek

Phenix is proud to partner with Quennedy Roman aka Drift Geek

My name is Quennedy Roman Jr. and I am a Drift Geek. I have been drifting for 7 years now. I not only started Drift Geek with the goal to help the drift and car community grow but to also become closer together. I want to be able to help people build and drive their cars, and to provide the necessary tools to go out there and enjoy a good drive either by yourself or with good company. At first Drift Geek was only a one man team but it has slowly began to grow. Now it is my wife Jaimie Marie Roman and our brother Kevin Alfaro. We all work together to design new stickers, products and to come up with video ideas for our YouTube channel. As a team we come together to decide upon what products and companies we can partner up with to achieve our goal along with our personal life goals to achieve, to push and to motivate one another to get there.

Instagram: @driftgeek

Facebook: @driftgeek


Quennedy recently dropped by Phenix’s Riverside shop and shot a video touring the facility. Be sure to follow Drift Geek’s YouTube channel and we look forward to working with him on future videos and projects!

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