Clutch Adapter Fitting – Late Model Style


-04AN Male to OEM Late Model Ford/GM/Chrysler Clutch Master Cylinder & Clutch Release Bearings



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These special stainless steel adapter fittings work with most late-model master cylinders, hydraulic clutch release bearings, and slave cylinders. The plastic OEM hose is eliminated and replaced with PTFE lined AN -04 hose (use our K304 PTFE hose). Use (2) adapters when using both the OEM master cylinder and hydraulic release bearing (or slave cylinder). Use (1) adapter for custom clutch plumbing systems that use either OEM master cylinder or OEM clutch release bearing (or slave cylinder). Check your OEM hose and choose an Early or Late style adapter. Sold Individually. Fits: Most 2005 & Up Ford, Most 2010 & up GM Vehicles, and Most 2007 & Up Jeep/Mopar Vehicles. Also fits many other Late Model Vehicles. Retained by C-Clip (not included, use factory C-Clip).


  • Adapter Converts OEM Master Cylinders, Clutch Release Bearings & Slave Cylinders to use AN 4 PTFE Lined Hose
  • Fits: Most Late Model GM/Ford/Jeep/Mopar Clutch Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders & Hydraulic Release Bearings
  • Allows Replacement of the OEM Plastic Clutch Hose – Use w/ HP Clutches, Racing & High Heat Applications
  • Improved Pedal Feel w/ Braided Stainless Steel PTFE Clutch Hose (Instead of Plastic Hose)
  • Ideal for Engine Swaps & Vehicles That Use After-Market Master Cylinders w/ the OEM Clutch Release Bearing
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • EPDM O-Ring
  • Fitting is Retained by C-Clip (Reuse Factory C-Clip)
Use with AN -04 PTFE Lined Hose Suitable for High Pressure Applications (such as our K304 hose).