Clutch Remote Bleeder Kit


New from Phenix is our Remote Bleeder Kit. If you have a hydraulic throwout bearing with the bleeder screw located inside of the bellhousing, this assembly is for you.  Our kit not only features a remote system which allows the bleeder screw to be located outside of the clutch bellhousing, it also allows for any hydraulic fluid released from the system to be vented outside of the bellhousing and clutch area.  Not only does this allow you to easily bleed the system without removing any inspection covers, it keeps your clutch dry and fluid free to ensure no premature slippage or wear due to clutch disc oil contamination.  Our system is designed to fit Tilton style throwout bearings and any other system using a 10MM X 1.5 bleed port.  Contact us for any custom port thread sizes and we will work with you to find a system that will work for you!

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Standard with bleed screw

Phenix Remote Bleeder Kit