Crimped Hose End -10 x 30°


AN Size



Black / Clear

Bend Radius


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Our crimp fittings feature a full 360° swivel. This creates the easiest installation by eliminating the need to clock your fittings on the hose. All you do is measure the length of the line needed, crimp and install. No special hose required. Our crimp fittings are designed to work with our standard stainless steel braided, black nylon, and E85 hose. No need to purchase new equipment or tooling, our crimp fittings are compatible with the most commonly used crimping machines available in custom shops and machine shops nationwide. Whether you’re building your modern street machine or trying to minimize the packaging on the fluid systems of your race car, crimp fittings are the slimmest connectors, making for easier installation and disassembly. This can be invaluable in modern engine bays, where space is at a premium.