Reusable PTFE Hose End -03 x 45° Forged Steel Black


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Black Steel

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Hose End Compatibility

Hose Series K1 K2 K3 K33 K4 K44
Description SS Braided Push-On SS PTFE SS PTFE Conductive Black Nylon E85 Black Nylon
Compression Hose Ends
Push-Lok Hose Ends (J3 series)
Crimped Hose Ends (J4 series)
PTFE Hose Ends (J0 series)
Banjo Hose Ends (J0 series)
Crimped PTFE Hose Ends (G series)
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Designed to be used with our K3 Series PTFE Hose. For high pressure applications such as brakes, power steering and more.