Thank you for your interest in Phenix products

We are proud to partner with builders and racers across various motorsport divisions. In an effort to keep your cost down and your car on the track, we are offering eligible drivers a substantial product discount.  Sponsorship is directly correlated with the level of media exposure that your project can offer Phenix Industries during the sponsorship year. This exposure includes magazine and news placement, media events, social media, races, etc. To fully process your application, please fill in ALL related fields on this application and include a full proposal on what you and/or your organization will provide in exchange for product sponsorship. All sponsorship agreements automatically expire at the end of each calendar year, so applications for sponsorship consideration must be submitted annually. All material should be submitted electronically.

In exchange for product sponsorship, Phenix requires the following. We reserve the right to charge full retail price for products that have already been supplied on a sponsorship basis, but have not met the guidelines specified in our policy. Those requesting sponsorship agree that should they not supply full documentation demonstrating complete fulfillment of all specifics outlined in the original proposal, they will be charged full retail price for the product provided. Submission of application is not a guarantee of sponsorship. To maintain and enhance our brand and its image, we require partnerships with high performing teams and individuals. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to the opportunity to evaluate your proposal.


  • Submission of proposal package during our review period
  • Must not be sponsored by or promoting a direct competitor of Phenix Industries
  • Prohibited transfer or resale of any products included in sponsorship package

Proposal Package / Sponsorship Deck:

  • Driver resume / Owner information
  • Vehicle information – Pictures, specifications, modifications of vehicle, etc.
  • Sponsor List – Current and past sponsorship references including type of sponsorship and direct contact person name and information for each company
  • Current schedule of committed and anticipated events for upcoming season
  • Summary outlining in detail how you will promote Phenix products and Phenix as a brand

Commitment Details:

  • A written testimonial on Phenix fittings within (3) months of receipt of product
  • Display (2x) 12″ Phenix Decals in prominent location on vehicle (racing applications). Vehicles that cannot display decals must have decals on a sign board near vehicle and/or on trailer
  • A minimum of (4) photos to be provided to Phenix for use in advertising, public relations efforts or promotional use within (3) months of receipt of product. Photos should include vehicle, Phenix product during or after installation, Phenix logos, installed decals (if applicable), banners if supplied, etc.
  • Minimum quarterly updates with media and event coverage including photos, results, feedback on product, etc.
  • Regularly tag Phenix Industries on social media with permission to share your images, videos, or race results with our audience

When reviewing submissions, there are several things we look for which may result in automatic denial or cancellation of sponsorships as they do not represent our brand identity. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Hate speech
  • Political opinions
  • Drug use, legal or illegal
  • Dangerous driving on public roads
  • Illegal or criminal behavior

Please submit requests for sponsorship to during our review period October 1 – December 15. Sponsorships are for the following year and require renewal yearly.