Crick Filippi’s Pro2 Testing

March 22, 2017 dubbed the maiden voyage for Crick Filippi’s Formula Drift PRO2 S13 at Sonoma Raceway. Most of you don’t know, but on the opening day of Sonoma Drift (March 15) we had major technical issues with his battery, which in the end would explode. Luckily the Fire Safety staff at the track was able to catch this before it happened, so when it actually did let go…it was out of the car and no one was injured.

Since the battery incident, Crick had a solid week to come up with a backup plan, in which he resulted to using his ‘ol faithful’ odyssey battery that he has ran through the entirety of his drift career. Once the battery mount/enclosure was built, we were sure that we wouldn’t have any issues on-track.
“You’re about to chop everyone in PRO2”, said one of the seasoned veterans at Sonoma Raceway after seeing some of Crick’s passes on the Summer Jam layout that night.
Unfortunately for me (Robert L.) I wasn’t able to be at the track to watch him rip his car around Summer Jam layout or the Skid Pad, but I had plenty of people texting and calling me to inform me how things were going. Though I got plenty feedback from friends and family…I still had to hear it from him. The following day I met up with Crick and heard the words that brought all confidence and motivation back into our program, “It’s the black car, just faster”. Most of you know about Crick’s LS2 S13 that was murdered out and put up to any punishment we threw at it. If it wasn’t for Formula Drift ruling I’m sure he’d still be piloting that car. To have a car follow in its footsteps, and for him to feel as confident as he did in that car speaks volumes!
Here is our first test day footage that was shot and edited by Shane Jaskolski. Lock onto his social media challenges to keep up with his videography and photography work.

Reprinted with permission by Team Burn the Most

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