Driver Spotlight: Joe Tardiff

Joe was raised in Northern California with very close ties to the dirt track racing scene. He started racing go-karts at 11 years old which included multiple podium finishes both on paved and dirt tracks. Joe joined the Army at age 18 and traveled the world which included living in for Europe for 4 years. After he left the military he went to school to learn about the engineering side of automobiles and went to work for BMW as a certified technician.

From 2006 through 2011 Joe was a professional freestyle stunt rider and performed motorcycle stunts in multiple commercial and television spots. In 2011 Joe came into the drift world due to the interest his closest friends had in the sport. He began filming and shooting photography at the track, and soon after caught the drifting bug. In February of 2013 he finished his first drift car. So in 2013 he had competed in three drift competitions with two 2nd place finishes. Joe has progressed at an extraordinary pace of these few years and is now going into his first season as a Formula Drift Pro2 driver in 2016. Joe earned his license through 2 different series on the West Coast (Southwest Drift and Top Drift). Joe is hoping to take his passion of driving and turn it into something he has always dreamt of – A career behind the wheel, driving side by side with his best friends.

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