Driver Spotlight: Elijah Wright

As the leader of most of our tandems…Elijah is the reason behind Team Burn The Most getting involved with drifting. At a young age he started his racing career as a BMX rider. After years of riding Elijah would get his 1st place finish at the NorCal Ramp Club Competition. He road for a solid 5 years before having to endure spinal back surgery which then led him from piloting a bike to car in 2006. Elijah was close with his teammate Chris Filippi. They both BMX’d together as well as shared interest in cars. Elijah and Chris were very much into Ford Mustangs, which was the start of their automotive careers. Amongst their group of friends Elijah heard about drifting. His friend offered up his S13 so he could try it out. From then on he has been hooked; running through cars from 2 Sileighty’s to an AE86 Corolla. While experimenting with cars he also had chances to feel out different powerplants. RB25, CA18, SR20, 302 5.0 are just a short few of engines he has been through; he’s now a proud driver of a BMW E36 that he as been running for the passed year. This might be the best platform he has driven in his career and we see excelling even further in the sport of drifting with this chassis.

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