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Specialty and In-line Check Valves from Phenix

Phenix is now offering an in-line piston type check valve. An ingenious yet simple design, this check valve is proven to be lighter, more compact and more reliable than the ball or flapper type check valves. Available in dash 6, 8 and 10 and the usual black, blue and clear anodized coatings.
Now available from Phenix!! Inline check valves designed for use with the popular Bosch 044 fuel pump or any other application requiring a 12MM X 1.5 inlet on the check valve. These check valves are offered in black anodized 6061T6 aluminum with an AN-6 or AN-8 outlet. Each check valve has a 1 inch diameter body with a 1 inch hex, and includes the sealing washer. On our shelf and ready to order!!!

Check please! Watch as our favorite Fitting Guy explains the difference between our check valves as well as their proper application

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